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"If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. Learning expands great souls."



Two weeks ago, I married this phenomenal man. (My best friend officiated, isn’t she awesome!!??) I would go into detail about our wedding but, I plan to post a full story on my other blog later with more photos. Just, this day was incredible and such a joy. Our life together just keeps getting better and I love every single moment I get to share with him and our little family. My husband has such a kind, selfless personality and I’m so happy that I get to continue growing with him. So many days I will never forget and this is one of them. Refer to previous post for what I wish I could say again. 3.1.14 - forever.

there is nothing in life like the power of black love

peace and blessings to you both <3

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To create this look, start by co-washing
you hair. You may like to try Jane Carter
Nutrient Replenishing Solution, or Afrigenix
Berrilicious Smoothie. If you have the
time, allow your hair to air dry, and apply
your favorite oil. If you’re short on time,
proceed to blow dry.

1. Part your hair in 4 sections, and clip to

2. Use your comb to create a part that is
approximately one inch wide and one inch

3. If you don’t want your parts to be
pronounced, don’t spend too much time on
defining your parts.

4. Divide the parted section into two.

5. Separate a handful of the HAVANA
TWIST HAIR (tm), use 6 strips to achieve
the size pictured.

6. Fold the HAVANA TWIST HAIR (tm) in
half, and place it as pictured in picture
number 6.

7. Beginning on the side closest to your
hairline, twist the HAVANA TWIST HAIR
(tm) in with your own natural hair, clockwise.

8. Do the same with the other half.

9. Now, begin to cross the twisted
sections over each other in a
counter-clockwise direction.

10. Repeat this crossing over, down the
whole length of the twist.

11. Twist by crossing over, until you
reach the end of the twist.

Repeat this step throughout the remainder
of your head.

12.-13. Roll small squares of aluminum foil
into mini rod shapes.

14. Use the mini rods as you would a
flexirod, on the end of each twist.

15. Very carefully (and at your own
discretion, and risk) dip the ends of the
hair in very, very hot water. You may
want to have someone help you with this

16. Allow the hair to cool off completely
before gently removing the foil rods. Clip
any stray ends.


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Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer

Charlie Ahearn’s Film Retraces a Moment in New York Style - Video 1 / / 3

As a teenage photographer in early 80s East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Jamel Shabazz set out to document the then nascent movement of hip-hop. Through the iconic style of his MCs, neighborhood kids and gang members, the unequivocal attitude of New York’s youth was recognized as the calling card of the city’s creative renaissance. Published in 2001, Shabazz’ first book Back In The Days was celebrated as an exhilarating snapshot of the times, and his visual flair has been brought to life in a new documentary by the legendary hip-hop historian and director, Charlie Ahearn.  “On the cover of Jamel’s book were two young men on 42nd Street. They were captured posing in such strong form as a kind of respectful bulwark against all the chaos that you see around them on ‘The Deuce,’” explains Ahearn, the notable filmmaker also responsible for the classic old-school movie, Wild Style. “I immediately knew that here was an original artist for our time.” [1]

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Healthy Mediterranean Calzones

"I adore these Mediterranean calzones. Tangy artichoke hearts, smoky roasted red peppers, and bold kalamata olives mingle with a cheese-melty feta-ricotta mix. I like to add the veggies first, so that the sauce and the cheesy goodness melt into the toppings while baking. One big happy Mediterranean melt-fest."

Recipe here.

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Race privilege in asking questions
via thisiswhiteprivilege: Did we reblog this? Fuck it. Anyway yeah

I can confirm this is 100% true



Race privilege in asking questions

via thisiswhiteprivilegeDid we reblog this? Fuck it. Anyway yeah

I can confirm this is 100% true

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